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in our human-centered ideation sessions

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and prevent errors by using 3D to predict them

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ideas for improving healthcare, construction, banking, smart phones, and more


Medized is a visual ideation company. We conceptualize and develop high-impact visualization assets for our clients to help them improve their brand, "wow" investors, or simply to visualize new ideas. At Medized, we are dedicated to bringing fresh, out-of-the-box concepts to life. We utilize the latest in cutting edge rendering tools (3dsMax, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, more) to provide our clients with the broadest range of visual design and platform options. Contact Medized today and let us help you start seeing the future.


Exclusive Visual Branding: Create a multiplatform 3D branding campaign that mixes 3D visuals and mix platforms (desktop, mobile, iPad). Everyone can do HTML and Web 2.0, but when it comes to doing 3D this is a new space. Be the first to provide a brand strategy that incorporates these elements in a comprehensive strategy incorporating 3D design.

3D Advantage

Ideas have dimension. You’ve identified a need in the human experience, a product that offers a solution. The problem is: How do you convince key stakeholders of its merit? Medized is your link to making that possible. We are your link to a rapidly growing interactive design industry. Our 3D digital animations enable you to present your project in an increasingly hands-on world and help to bridge the gap between time and space, bringing dimension to your vision, and making your ideas more approachable, relatable and better understood by everyone. See samples of our Work.

Visual Ideation

Medized creates a living, breathing 3D representation catered to your unique vision. An award winning visual ideation company based in San Francisco, we extract visual concepts, draw them out, play with them, and bring a unique product to success through craft and communication. Our focus is to provide visual design services at the concept and early stages of development. We focus in:

Visual Storyboarding: Take concepts and use the power of 3D to explain new ideas in seconds. Make it interactive, flush out your ideas in a new and more visually efficient way.

Visual Investor Pitch: Take the elevator pitch to a new level by demonstrating the idea in a visually interactive way. Make it easy for investors, partners, friends, and your grandparents to understand your idea. Give your new startup an edge over the rest by visually emphasizing the competitive advantages of the product or service.

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