A Visual Ideation Company


Medized is an award-winning visual ideation company with a studio in San Francisco. Born from the notion that the spoken word should not be a barrier to understanding how things work, the company set out to apply the latest rendering technologies towards real world applications with the hope of improving lives. From a successful first project that helped a medical company demonstrate their technology to cancer patients, Medized has successfully implemented numerous projects in architecture, branding, retail, and many other fields. With over 20 years of combined experience, Medized’s executive team is capable of supporting clients in all aspects of visual ideation, design, editing, and digital production.

Our Team

We're nimble. To stay ahead of the industry standard, we recruit experienced designers and experts to keep us on the cutting edge. We are constantly growing to meet our clients' expectations. Our team consists of 10 designers, 5 production, and 7 specialists in software such as 3dsMax, Maya, FCP, After Effects, and more. We have a joint alliance with South Sky in Santiago, Chile with 21 visualization specialists servicing our global team.

You have a groundbreaking idea. You're passionate about it. How do you get others to be just as excited? The key is to make a great first impression that is inviting, clear, and memorable. To get there, start with an ideation session. Medized can help you design and deliver a visually operable 3D animation, showcasing your idea in a new, professional and dynamic way.

Our Services

3D Production
Architectural Rendering
Building Information Modeling
Communication Design
Digital Experience
Exclusive Visual Branding
Innovation Strategy
Interaction Design
Video Production
Visual Ideation
Visual Investor Pitch
Visual Storyboarding

Representative Work

When leading 3D design software company Autodesk, Inc. needed a global advertising campaign for their 2012 product launch, the company turned to Medized and San Francisco based ad agency, AKQA. They collaborated on an animation to convey to Autodesk’s consumers how the technology could solve a variety of design problems efficiently and sustainably. In a succinct animation, Medized illuminated the process of prebuilding spaces, providing a visual model of how construction will take place and showcasing innovations.